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Self Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels consist of three levels: the top layer, the adhesive and the support. Their choice and combination depends on the end use.

FOOD In this area of use we can include several types of labels, but some characteristics are common: application on cold surfaces as well as in hot conditions, use in a freezing environment, and contact with oils and fats. They can be applied to glass, plastics of various hardness, paper, cardboard and even metals.

INDUSTRY The industrial sector makes intensive use of self-adhesive labels, either for reasons of product identification or traceability, or for security reasons. Outdoor use presupposes labels with a special front material that increases its resistance and allows the use in aggressive environments. It should be noted that, among all, it is the chemical industry that requires more specific materials. FPE has extensive know-how in this area.

BEVERAGES The materials for this type of labels allow you to communicate an excellent image of your product with enormous durability and different possibilities of printing. The labels are designed to withstand high humidity with perfect fixation, and allow a no-label look, seemingly printed directly into the bottle.

LOGISTICS The sector of logistics and transportation increasingly uses self-adhesive labels for the tracking of their packages. The main concern in labels designed with this purpose is the resistance to scratches and various damages, in order to never lose the printed information.

PERSONAL CARE Labels for this type of products are extremely malleable to allow a perfect adaptation to the most complex design that is possible to find in packaging of this nature. They also make use of no-label look tags. Labels capable of opening / closing are also a possibility, using stickers with great application / removal capacity.

HEALTH Labels for the areas of Health and Pharmaceuticals have specific characteristics to have tolerance to various sterilization processes or storage at very low temperatures.

SAFETY Security labels provide an excellent means of avoiding counterfeiting and product tampering. To achieve this, there are labels that guarantee the no tampering and integrity of the product along its path until the final customer. For the guarantee of authenticity, we have the so called "visible" labels, the most common example being the hologram, and the labels only detectable by the manufacturer with special devices, such as fluorescent fiber.

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